2013 Toyota GT86

The long-awaited rear-wheel-drive sports car collaboration between Toyota and Subaru is as rewarding to drive as everyone hoped. The 200 horsepower boxer engine puts plenty of power to the rear wheels. The GT86 has a little more built-in driftability than its Subie cousin. Weight transfer to the rear end in the GT86 is marginally faster giving it a heavier tendency to wag its tail than the slightly more civil BRZ. This is splitting hairs, but the other differences between the two are purely cosmetic and come down to personal preference. The biggest difference you will see and feel in Forza Motorsport 5 is the GT86 is right-hand drive. Get both versions on track at the same time and see if you can call out the differences as they tear up the track, hitting their top speed of 140 MPH. Among entry-level sports cars the GT86 – and its brethren—deliver a punchy, attractive ride for not a lot of money. More importantly, they mark the return of a rear-wheel-drive car to their respective manufacturer’s line-ups.

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6-speed Transmission

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