2010 Pagani Zonda R Forza Edition

The Zonda R is a bit of a puzzle. It’s essentially a racecar, and yet it’s not properly sanctioned for any particular racing series. And yet it’s not legal to drive on the road, particularly with its deafening F1-inspired exhaust system. Furthermore, it shares only ten percent of its components with lesser Zondas (if you can call the Zonda F “lesser” at all), with a bespoke bare carbon fiber body, a different AMG-sourced V12 engine pulled from the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR racecar, and a gearbox sourced from an F3000 car. It’s probably best not to try to classify the Zonda R, and simply to drive it, because doing so is an experience as unique as the car itself. From the straight-cut gear whine to the manic howl of the 740-horsepower engine, it makes all the right noises. And with the huge rear wing and fully optimized aero package, the 2,500 lbs. car can easily reach 100 mph in less than six seconds on its way well past 200 mph. The performance is enough for TopGear host Jeremy Clarkson to spend much of his track time in the car yelling about how wonderful it was. If you can afford this $1.8 million track-day toy, perhaps you’ll be able to find a place to drive it.

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