2010 Lexus LFA

In some ways, the LFA is more like a musical instrument than a car. Engineers at Lexus, given a free hand to craft the LFA into a powerful driving experience, tuned the exhaust and intake sounds with the help of Yamaha’s musical instrument division. By utilizing acoustically optimized sound channels, the driver is fully enveloped in a mechanical symphony Lexus calls “Octave Harmony.” All other systems are engineered for a similar driver-centric focus: while the engine is located in a front-midship position, the transaxle and dual radiators are located at the rear for near-perfect weight distribution. The motor uses an inherently balanced 72-degree bank angle for optimal smoothness, and the 10-cylinder configuration was chosen to allow stratospheric revs while weighing less than the company’s own 3.5-liter V6. The LFA barely disturbs the air as it wafts by, because of aerodynamic optimization that includes a completely flat underbelly pan. A multi-million dollar circular loom even weaves the complex shape of the carbon fiber windshield supports individually. With this level of detail paid to every system and component, it’s probably no surprise that the LFA’s performance is as breathtaking as the handcrafted interior. Just as a fine violin must be played to be appreciated, the first supercar from Lexus must be driven to understand just how exceptional it is.

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