1995 Ferrari F50

What happens when you wrap outlandishly sexy composite bodywork around a Ferrari Formula 1 engine? You end up with the Ferrari F50, an “F1 car for the street” created to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary and to serve as its ultimate supercar. The goal was to create an unparalleled driving experience by dipping into technologies directly pulled from Ferrari’s F1 program. The oversquare 4.6-liter V12 was developed from a slightly smaller F1 engine, mildly detuned for street reliability, and slipped into the carbon fiber tub right behind the driver. Cranking out 513 horsepower, the F50 was the most powerful road car ever produced by Ferrari up until that time. It was also one of the most exclusive—in order to get the keys to a F50, you had to be on a secret list of Ferrari’s best and most loyal customers. Only 349 were made, which was one less than Ferrari thought would sell, and required owners to lease the car before purchasing it. Ferrari staunchly refused to let any journalists test the car, but from all reports acceleration was breathtaking: it only took eight seconds to reach 100 miles per hour, and it would blow through the quarter mile in a tick over 12 seconds. In the hall of fame of ultimate supercars, the Ferrari F50 deserves a place of honor as being one of the most exclusive and exotic of Maranello’s creations to ever roam free on public roads.

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