1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500

You really can’t have too many spoilers. The Sierra RS500 Cosworth has two, and they’re hard to miss. That’s ok though, because this Cossie has enough get-up to need them. A limited production, beefed-up homologation variant of the already formidable Sierra RS Cosworth, its 2-liter engine inhales nearly 11 PSI of boost to produce 224 horsepower — stock. Because the RS500 was always intended to be raced in the World Touring Car Championship, the engine had a couple of nifty tricks that meant someone with the tuning knowhow could easily unlock the 500-plus horsepower capability of the engine. A second set of fuel injectors were unused on the road version, but activating them and turning up the boost would deliver nearly the same power as the race-prepped variant, which was virtually unstoppable in WTCC racing. In fact, the RS500 is the reason that a lower horsepower limit was imposed on WTCC cars to level the playing field. Interestingly, Ford farmed out construction to Tickford-based Aston Martin. Externally, the only clues that this is the rare RS500 version are a few discreet badges and a second lower spoiler beneath the whale-tale. Exceedingly rare (the “500” in the name is the number produced) and very fast even in normal spec, this is a truly special Ford.

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5-speed Transmission


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